Half – Moon

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Blue Planet

The ocean is a Planet the humans have not discovered everything in it completly at the bottom of the deep sea.

At the deepth of 1500 there are so many kinds of spieces for example Sharks, Whales, sardines and tuna.

There are so many things in the blue Planet that we haven’t explored nature in the vastness of the ocean how fish live with other kinds of fish.

Much of the behavers are never been on cameras and you have to be lucky to even catching them.

the whales travel the blue ocean with a great distances between each one of them in one day

it is a myistry on how they live in these seas these are the marine deserts, simply finding them in the open ocean is a challenge.

Sharks are ferouse preditars that hunt sardines feasts that last for over in hour when others hear the fights whales come from great distance the biggest mammels on earth it weights about 40 tons. Others come from every where as of they all knew there is food and soon everything will be over.

life in the open ocean is a hunt everyday. only a tiny percentage of all the eggs will survive in the next generation if not killed by preditaters. In the deepth of the Ocean is the home of for all these new borns. for the hunted there are only a few places to hide the serdines swimming in speeds to were the form into a big ball for protection from the preditars. But when the attack happen and the ball gets splenterd they are vonerable and attacks are coming from everwhere soon it will be over and the waves will stop and the blue ocean will be calm again.

Sharks smells an easy meals through out the ocean they play hide and seek and to survive the must travel the oceans thousand of miles. some spent their whole life on the run like the macro fish.

some come near the surface to worm up like the sun fish and prey on macro fish that live and hide in the shadows of big lumps of plants or any things the are flowing in the oceans.

adult yollow fint tuna hunt the sardines and macro fish from underwaters and birds from above eventally the tuna leave and the macro finally starts to sinks down toward the deeps for safety and the bird go down as low as 50 feets untill they leave too.

Some exciting actions happens in a frenzy eating where groups of whales eat.

sometime it seems like an alien world on planet earth deep in the oceans.









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